Ben performing in Corsica @ the Ajaccio Jazz Festival




imageOn stage or in the studio, Ben is a first call keyboard player. Covering recorded parts and reading/improvising in any music genre is one of Ben’s most developed and intuitive skills as a musician. With a vast array of stylistic chops, harmonic knowledge and an endless sonic palate of classic to obscure sounds and samples he can provide that ‘from the record’ sound or create entirely new textures on stage or on your record with analog synths, electro mechanical classics, orchestral instruments, organic or quirky sound design and samples, you name it.


With a positive and professional attitude, Ben is constantly busy in the studio widening his discography, and performing live with a number of successful musical acts. Ben is available for tours, showcases, one-off gigs, or studio sessions on location or remotely at his home studio. Prices vary per project budet and gig, so please inquire further for scheduling and fees.