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Ben is a seasoned session keyboardist and orchestrator. From meat and potatoes piano, hammond organ, and electro mechanical boards to peripheral textures like Mellotron orchestration, optigan, toy piano, combo organ, glockenspiel, or synth textures you’ll get perfect parts, sounds and textures on your record. Sessions can be done on location or remotely from Ben’s home studio. Prices vary by scope of project, number of tracks and budet, so please inquire further for scheduling and fees. Take a look below for a few samples.


Here is a video that demonstrates one approach to the session process. Thanks to Cahill for putting it together after a series or recent sessions done at Ben’s RPG Studios


Here is track from Ma’ayan Castel‘s Walk on Water EP which hit #1 in Japan. Piano and Mellotron by Ben recorded at Sanctum Sound Studios


Here are a few tracks from Tim Blane‘s record ‘You Can’t Go Back’
All keys, synths and sound design by Ben. Keys tracked at RPG


This on was tracked at White Star Sound



Here is a track off Christian McNeill and Sea Monsters new record on Q-Division Records



Here is a cover track from a live music video recording w/ Aaron Shadwell at Q-Division Studios