Ben is a producer/arranger with a command over a vast array of musical and technical processes, and no stylistic boundaries. These skills, an obsessive work ethic and attention to detail are what keep him busy working for exciting artists, and film/television projects. At a young age, Ben had the honor of being selected as one of three finalists from over 50 applicants for a full time position at Berklee College of Music in the Contemporary Writing and Production division and is widely recognized for his production/arranging chops.

Turning an idea into a well crafted song or composition, then taking it through the arranging and production process to arrive at a professional sounding master, is a long and detailed process. To arrive at ‘finished audio’, the skills of many talented people are often required. Besides the artist, the producer is arguably the most important of all these people. While having skills and knowledge in all of these areas and performing a number of tasks throughout the process, the producer provides the talents of his/her team, delegates work to them and oversees the quality and direction and consistency of the work.

Having an experienced music/audio professional guide your project through the production process is well worth the money, as the finished product will reflect this extreme effort, and give you the best chance for commercial success. Contact Ben directly for fees, which can be negotiated by scope of project, budget, number of tracks and type of service etc.